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After The Tomosynthesis/3-D Mammography Exam By Hill Medical

What to expect after getting a 3-D mammogram?

All mammography facilities are now required to send your results to you within 30 days. Within a week of your mammogram, you will receive a letter from The Hill Medical Corporation informing you of the results in clear and simple language. Your personal health care provider will receive a report. You will be notified if more imaging needs to be performed.

At times, patients may be called back for additional testing. This often happens because a finding was noted that requires further imaging. Most times these findings are benign and not cancer. If this is your first mammogram, the radiologist may want to look at an area more closely simply because there are no previous mammograms to compare it with.

If your mammogram shows an area that needs further imaging our office will contact you after your report is faxed to your doctor. You will also receive a letter in the mail within 5 days. Your letter may arrive before you are contacted by phone. If this is the case, there is a number on your letter you can call to schedule your additional imaging.

When will I get the mammogram results and how?

In general, results are available to your referring physician within 24 hours. As a service to our patients, you may also request a CD of your results from the facility where your examination took place. You may also visit our Patient Portal to obtain your report within 4 business days. Please ask a breast center representative about setting up your portal account.

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