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We are proud to offer state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services in Pasadena and Glendora, California, and surrounding counties.

The Jim & Eleanor Randall Breast Center Services

The Jim & Eleanor Randall Breast Center offers the following services:

Breast Biopsy

If a breast biopsy is indicated, you can have a stereotactic-guided biopsy or an ultrasound-guided needle core biopsy to ascertain whether malignancy is present. This is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure which allows you to return to your normal activities within a few hours after the completion of the exam.

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Breast MRI

Breast MRI is performed at our sister facility, Huntington-Hill Imaging Center, Inc. and is a procedure that uses Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), an imaging device that creates a combination of magnetic fields and radio waves (no radiation) to produce images of the human anatomy, specifically breast tissue. Each exam produces hundreds of images and 3-dimensional views of the breast.

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Breast Ultrasound

Breast ultrasound is used to evaluate breast abnormalities that are found at screening, diagnostic mammography or physical exam. Some studies have suggested that ultrasound be considered in screening of women with dense breast tissue. But, use of screening ultrasound instead of mammography is not recommended because small calcium deposits, the earliest signs of cancer, are not visible by ultrasound.

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Bone Density Exam – DXA

Bone densitometry, using an advanced technology called DXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorbtiometry), safely, accurately and painlessly measures bone mineral density, which helps determine a woman's risk of developing osteoporosis and future fractures.

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Digital Mammography

Digital Mammography refers to x-ray examination of the breast and yields information on the interior of the breast. Digital Mammography is used to detect and diagnose breast disease both in women who have breast symptoms (problems such as a lump or bloody nipple discharge) and women who are asymptomatic (no breast complaints).

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Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (or 3-D Mammography)

Breast Tomosynthesis is a breakthrough in mammography that provides additional detailed information compared to standard digital mammography. Tomosynthesis uses x-rays to image the breast, and rotates around the breast while taking multiple images. Those images are then assembled to produce a highly focused 3D image. Tomosynthesis allows radiologists to gain better visualization of the breast, which is the primary benefit of this new technology.

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