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During the PET/CT Scan Performed by Hill Medical

What should I expect about my PET/CT scan?

After fasting for six hours, you will receive an injection of radioactive glucose. Following the injection, you will rest quietly for about 50 minutes, while the glucose distributes throughout the body. Once distributed, you will lie on a table and be passed slowly through our PET/CT scanner for about 30 minutes.

How long does the PET/CT scan take?

The entire PET/CT examination is generally performed in less than one hour, usually in about 40 minutes, providing comprehensive diagnostic information to the clinicians and attending radiologists quickly. The results of the examination will be available to your referring physician within 24 hours after the exam. Reports can be faxed, and images can be recorded on disc or films.

What happens during the PET/CT scan?

As mentioned before, you will be given an injection of a radiopharmaceutical and requested to relax in a quiet area while the injection circulates. This period lasts about 50 minutes, depending on the specific exam request.

When it is time for your scan, you will be asked to lie on the patient table, which moves through the PET/CT machine. You may be asked to hold your breath periodically, especially if the chest area is being scanned. This will prevent chest movement, which may blur the images, just like it would be in a photograph. The CT portion of the machine may make some whirring and clicking noises.

The only thing expected from you during the PET/CT scan, is to lie quietly and be as still as you can.

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