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Preparing for the CT Lung Screening Scan performed by Hill Medical

Who is a candidate for CT Lung Screening?

CT Lung Screening is designed to evaluate people who are asymptomatic and have a high- risk for the development of lung cancer. You may be a candidate if you meet the requirements of the below categories:

Qualified Patients

  • Must be 55 to 80 years old
  • 30 or more packs a year smoking history
  • Must have seen a primary care physician within the last year
  • Should be showing no sign of respiratory/breathing issues

What preparation is required before the CT Lung Screening scan?

There is no special preparation for CT lung screening - no fasting, no injections, and no ceasing of medications. If there is a possibility you are pregnant, please let our technician know.

Most insurances cover the exam. If not covered by your insurance, a $200 screening fee must be paid at time of service; please verify with your insurance provider. Patients must obtain a referral by a primary care physician. Additional fees may incur, if further exams are needed.

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