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During the High Field MRI Scan Performed by Hill Medical

What will happen during a high field MRI scan?

During your high field MRI exam, you lie inside the opening of the magnet. The hydrogen atoms in your body react to the magnetic field; the computer reads signals from the atom formation and reconstructs data into detailed images of the body's interior.

How long will a high field MRI exam take?

Depending on the type of exam your doctor ordered, procedure time varies. The average high field MRI scan lasts about 45 minutes, once you are situated in the scanner.

Will I experience any pain during a high field MRI exam?

The procedure is completely painless. Some MRI patients complain about a closed in, claustrophobic-like sensation inside traditional MRI scanners, which are designed with a narrow "tube" - the center of the donut- shaped machine where the patient lies during the exam. However, it is unlikely you will experience this anxiety because you will be imaged on a new high field open MRI system, which is designed to be more open.

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