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After the DXA Scan Performed by Hill Medical

What to expect after getting a DXA scan?

DXA is a fast, convenient and precise way to measure bone density to help determine a woman's risk of developing Osteoporosis and future fractures. The most common examination sites are fracture-prone hip and spine. Bone Mineral Density (BMD) is calculated and compared to normal BMD values, matched for age and sex. A low BMD by DXA may predict the likelihood of Osteoporosis and fracture and can help determine a treatment plan.

The DXA system produces test results instantly. Along with information you provide about your family and medical history, lifestyle and diet, the data derived from the DXA test will be used by your physician to help determine whether you are at high, increased or low risk of fracture. Based on this information, your physician can decide whether you would benefit from additional therapy.

When will I get the DXA scan results and how?

In general, results are available to your referring physician within 24 hours. With our new secure online web viewer, your physician can have instant access to your results! As a service to our patients, you may also request a CD of your results from the facility where your examination took place.

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