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During the CT Scan Performed by Hill Medical

What happens during the CT scan?

During a CT exam, a patient lies on a table and is slowly moved into the large donut-shaped opening of the scanner. Once inside, a series of x-ray beams create hundreds of cross-sectional pictures that represent slices of the patient's body. Seconds later, the CT system's computer assembles the slices into the images that are interpreted by one of our Hill Medical Corporation radiologists.

How long does a CT scan take?

Depending on the CT exam you will receive, the length of the actual CT procedure may vary from as little as 30 seconds to as long 45 minutes.

Additionally, CT exams that used to be done on other types of equipment are now performed much faster using multi-slice CT. For example, diagnosing appendicitis takes just 10 minutes using a multi-slice CT (compared to the standard 40-60 minute x-ray procedure). Multi-slice CT can also identify a kidney stone in less than five minutes, replacing the IVP exam, an invasive, uncomfortable, 60-minute x-ray exam.

What type of CT system will be used for my exam?

Your exam will be performed on a multi-slice CT scanner. Its unprecedented speed means it can produce precise images for more accurate diagnoses of injury and illness, in a significantly shorter amount of time.

What is the benefit of a multi-slice CT scanner for my exam?

In general, multi-slice CT is the fastest type of CT available today. It enables clinicians to perform standard CT scans in a fraction of the time, which means your exam will be finished sooner. As important, it provides much clearer images with even more anatomical detail than traditional CTs, which will aid your doctor in making a more accurate diagnosis. The speed of multi-slice CT scanner also means that fast-moving organs like the heart and lungs can be imaged with CT for the first time.

Will I experience any pain during the CT exam?

No. CT is a painless test to enable physicians to view the internal organs and anatomy. However, some CT exams require patients to remain still during the scanning procedure, which for some may be uncomfortable.

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