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Breast Ultrasound Preparations Performed by Hill Medical

What are the common uses of Breast Ultrasound?

Breast ultrasound may be used in several ways. Its most common application is to investigate a specific area in the breast where a problem is suspected. A palpable lump and/or an abnormality discovered on a mammogram can be further evaluated by breast ultrasound. It is especially helpful in distinguishing between a fluid filled cyst and a solid soft tissue mass. A structure, which has certain characteristics that prove it to be a simple cyst, can be confidently diagnosed as benign. Breast ultrasound diagnosis of solid soft tissue masses is less straight forward, but in many cases normal tissue, or benign (non-cancerous) lumps can be differentiated from probably malignant (cancerous) tissue with breast ultrasound.

Breast ultrasound is often the first study performed to evaluate masses in women less than 35 years of age whose mammograms can be difficult to interpret. The absence of x-rays makes it ideal for studying breast abnormalities in women who are pregnant. Assessing breast implants for leakage or rupture is another way breast ultrasound is used. Breast inflammation, where pockets of infection or abscesses may form, can be diagnosed, and monitored by ultrasound. These collections can be drained by a needle under breast ultrasound guidance.

Breast ultrasound is employed to observe and guide a needle for several interventional procedures. These include cyst aspiration, fine needle aspiration, large core needle biopsy and needle localization before surgical breast biopsy.

How should I prepare for Breast Ultrasound?

You should wear comfortable, two-piece clothing. No other preparation is required.

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