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We are proud to offer state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services in Pasadena and Glendora, California, and surrounding counties.

Breast MRI Preparations Provided by Hill Medical

Who are prime candidates for Breast MRI?

  • Women diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Women with any Lobular breast cancer (a special cancer tissue type).
  • Women at high risk due to a strong family history.
  • Women with dense breasts and tentative findings on a mammogram and breast ultrasound.
  • Women with scar tissue from prior surgery.
  • Women with breast implants.

How do I prepare for the breast MRI exam?

  • No advance dietary or prescription restriction is required.
  • Do not wear jewelry, including your watch, due to magnetic interference.
  • If menstruating, you must schedule between 7-10 days after your first day of bleeding.
  • If previous testing was not done at The Jim & Eleanor Randall Breast Center, you must bring a copy of your mammogram and ultrasound.

If I am claustrophobic, what do I do?

The breast MRI machine is open and the part of your body being scanned is the only part under the machine. If you wish, you may take a mild sedative in advance of this procedure.

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